Priestly People Lyrics

1. Priestly People; Kingly People; Holy People God’s chosen. People sing praise to the Lord!

We sing to You, O Christ, Beloved Son of the Father; we give You praise


2. We sing to You, O Son born of Mary, the Virgin;
We give You Praise Our Brother born to heal us our Saving Lord.

3. We sing to You O Brightness of Splendor and Glory,
We give You Praise O Morning Star announcing the coming day

4. We sing to You, O Light bringing men out of darkness;
We give You Praise O guiding Light which shows us the way to heaven.

5. We sing to You, Messiah foretold by the Prophets;
We give You Praise O Son of David and Son of Abraham.

6. We sing to You, Messiah the hope of the people;
We give You Praise O Christ our Lord and King, humble meek of heart!

7. We sing to You, the Way to the Father in Heaven;
We give You Praise, the Way of Truth, and the Way of all True Light.

8. We sing to You, O Priest of the new dispensation;

We give You Praise our Pearl sealed by the Blood of the Sacrifice.

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